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What is this!?

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I love helping people! So on this blog I will frequently mention helpful hacks for everyday life, from travel to tips in the kitchen!

Look, we all love traveling, and I think most of us agree, we’d rather travel on the cheap than spending too much! I found a fantastic tool for finding great prices on flights — yes it is not a technique airlines like us to use, but it works!

When you have a one way flight, and can pack light — check out skiplagged.

A few helpful tips regarding this though —

  1. NO Checked baggage, only take your carry on. You’ll be ditching the airline at your first layover! (i.e. your destination)
  2. Don’t use your frequent flyer account – the airline could invalidate all of your sacred points.
  3. Don’t mention to other passengers you are ditching the airline at a layover. Airlines don’t like secret city ticketing — but it works Oh so well!

Happy Travels!

2 thoughts on “What is this!?”

  1. Brit Bell says:

    Yes! This was awesome! I saved enough money on my trip to have a Nashville Limo pick me up from the airport. Amazing!

  2. Mia Duncan says:

    How Fun!!

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