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More Travel Tips!

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Last week business took me to Nashville, Tennessee! This was my first time in the city and it was very memorable. I experienced some fantastic dining and nightlife, also experienced a Nashville Predators Hockey Game!

Nashville seems to have become a very popular destination for business and pleasure travelers alike; and there is no shortage of great places to stay and do — the on caveat is traffic; it is terrible.

I decided to go against the grain and avoid the rideshare apps on this trip. More times that not when I hail an Uber or Lyft I get stuck with some creepy guy in a seedy car; and I had a very busy schedule planned so I arranged for private car service during by visit from ICON Executive Transportation. This made my life so much easier; as my driver was always right there and waiting during my meetings. Yes; it was more expensive but the trade off for great service and a nice fresh Escalade was well worth the price.

I usually don’t advocate for spending more than absolutely needed on travel – but this was a luxury need that was welcomed. I enjoyed not having to direct a driver, and hope he was taking the correct route. It was also nice not to have to wait for an Uber to show up, or wonder what my next fare would cost because of “surge pricing”.

If you shop your hotel, and your airline effectively I think it is very reasonable to splurge a bit on your needs and wants while you are at your destination. After all — you are spending the bulk of your time there!

Services Utilized on this trip:
ICON Executive Transportation – (Nashville Ground Transportation)
J.W. Marriot – (Hotel)
Skiplagged – (Airline)

BMI Music Group
Hattie B’s Hot Chicken
The Mall at Green Hills
Tribe Kelly
Meet & Greet (Coffee / Co-Working Place)

What is this!?


I love helping people! So on this blog I will frequently mention helpful hacks for everyday life, from travel to tips in the kitchen!

Look, we all love traveling, and I think most of us agree, we’d rather travel on the cheap than spending too much! I found a fantastic tool for finding great prices on flights — yes it is not a technique airlines like us to use, but it works!

When you have a one way flight, and can pack light — check out skiplagged.

A few helpful tips regarding this though —

  1. NO Checked baggage, only take your carry on. You’ll be ditching the airline at your first layover! (i.e. your destination)
  2. Don’t use your frequent flyer account – the airline could invalidate all of your sacred points.
  3. Don’t mention to other passengers you are ditching the airline at a layover. Airlines don’t like secret city ticketing — but it works Oh so well!

Happy Travels!

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