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All About Saving a Buck!

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I’m not much for pushing websites that offer good travel accommodations as I often find booking direct with the hotel or resort usually results in a cost savings (I’ll discuss that later). I noticed that Groupon (you know the website that sells mani/pedis at 80% off etc) also offers a lot of travel deals.

Browsing their site you’ll notice a lot of BS – its pretty easy to get these prices anywhere. BUT if you look deep, near, and far, especially the obscure towns and destinations you WILL find a deal.

The best way to score a real deal on groupon is to find a new “resort” that is looking to get business; they are the most likely to offer an incredible deal. As far as the all-inclusives go on their site — meh, not really anything worth talking about.

Now when it comes to “travel support” they have wild deals — like $39 airport transportation from a limo company in Chicago or dirt cheap airport parking deals in Atlanta.

Be vigilant and you’ll most certainly save some money!

Bottom line – don’t spend all your time finding a hotel or accommodation deal on Groupon – look for those supporting services or tours that top off your trips; you are very likely to catch a great deal.

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